The Junior team lined up at Kingy Tri yesterday. Always a good crowd of competition.. just up the road 
We had Xane and Jet in the Tempta
Xane - 5th
Lomani - 4th
Ethan - 5th
Loch - 4th

As I predicted Ethan had a breakthrough race coming in 3rd off the bike and pushed through a couple of spews to hold 5th. He is focused and humble, goes about his work in a very coachable manner😉. The Newman siblings again showed up and delivered with more top 5’s. Both are making great progress. 
Xane showed great maturity and presence once again with a quality run, back ending his awesome swim bike set up. With SSRW 2 weeks away now the lad has made some great growth in recent months. 
Hammer had a stack and took some bark off but still finished 💪🏽 it was disappointing for him as he has been moving from strength to strength 
Jet had another improved swim but was a bit off game, perhaps a little rushed upstairs instead of backing himself to ride through to the front..both showed tenacity to grind out the race.

Special mention to @teamtrextriathloncoaching staff who were incredibly sportsman like 🙏🏼 making a positive experience for a young athlete 🤝thankyou so much. 

KINGY .jpeg