Ange Ednie

2016/17 Season Results

50-54 AG

Yarrawonga Sprint Triathlon 2nd

Nagambie Sufferfest Olympic 2nd

Albury Olympic 1st

Bendigo Ultimate 2nd


I discovered fitness a little late in life. Busy mum to three boys …It was only when they all had grown up that I decided to have some me time.

I took up some running \cycling & started to enter a few events.. I was soon addicted & became a die hard trier of all things related to running \ cycling…after running a few 5/10k & half marathons I thought I would try some trail running ..This is when I first stumbled across Brendan at the Albury Riverina Trail Series (May 2015).

I had been dabbling in thoughts of doing a Triathlon…& had been training myself for my first crack at one towards the end of 2015.

It was during the Riverina Series that I worded Brendan’s Dad up … & convinced him to get Brendan to coach me…. 

I was getting closer to doing my first triathlon and was in need of some desperate guidance. …nerves where setting in ..

I was unlucky to secure Brendan prior to my first triathlon as he was already over committed with Athletes but was lucky enough that he contacted me and talked me through my first one& we meet up after the event & had a quick chat … all things Tri …

Not long after that Brendan contacted me & was able to take me on as an athlete(me an athlete ??). WOW.. I had a coach… now to aim for my next challenge …. A full marathon.

This was a whole new ball game for me - Someone setting my training …

I was a hard horse to rein in … Being my own coach for way to long & over training myself, it took all of Brendan’s patience to rein me in & calm me down over a period of time. #calmyourfarm #hurryslowly

My marathon goal was not to be …due to injuries I had to take a step back & re evaluate my goals & where I wanted to go with my fitness journey … Brendan's guidance throughout my injury was totally amazing, he restructured of all my training plans to keep me fit& I had to reassess \ reset my goals

Once back on track we decided to aim for a few sprint\Olympic distance Triathlons & if possible a shot at a Half Ironman.

With this new goal Brendan plugged in some different training regimes, which would benefit me for my future endurance events. I attended yoga, took up deep-water running & tried to attain some self-awareness… These were the hardest lessons for me to learn… Yoga: To get into, hold poses & let your ego go…breath…

Deep water running: Patience with the movement\technique of the water& I thought this was boring, but if done correctly is hard work.

Self awareness: This is a biggie and it is constantly a work in progress.(I must admit I struggle with this valuable tool..)

2016/2017 Tri season, was kicked off with a bang. My first challenge was a sprint distance Tri at Yarrawonga Multi sport festival, this was my first event back from injuries & I was very nervous … poor Brendan was getting married this weekend and with any needy athlete I was constantly annoying him …over this period … Brendan was very understanding with me & took time out to calm me down & talk me through my event …

In horrendous weather conditions I managed to complete the sprint distance tri … managing 2nd place in my age category.. 

I then continued on participating in many sprint triathlons, & two Olympic distance triathlons, Nagambie Sufferfest , 2nd in my age group & Albury's, Allan’s Flat Olympic Distance Triathlon 1st in my age group… two weeks after Albury's Olympic Triathlon , Brendan gave the green light & said I was ready for the Bendigo Ultimate half Ironman …which I completed in 6hours & 29 mins, 2nd in my age group.

My time with Brendan has been one hell of a journey. Brendan has had amazing patience with me & taken me to places I have only ever dreamed of. I am truly blessed to have come across Brendan & that he accepted to take me under his wing. Words will never express what I have managed to achieve with Brendan’s help & guidance

As a coach Brendan was able to extract the inner athlete out of not only my body, but most importantly my mind…