Bringing visions to life is what keeps my energy going. Since experiencing the beautiful surroundings of Murwillumbah I saw an opportunity to bring my long term goal to life. 

Its a product of my passion for Triathlon and Endurance Coaching | Education and experience | Community and environment. 

I am grateful that an opportunity to help individuals achieve and to help grow the sport of Triathlon. The endeavour is to make a lasting impact and to personally grow and evolve also. 

My wife Stacey and I look forward to moving to the Tweed Valley area in May to begin a long and lasting chapter. 


Coaching endurance sports is a highly rewarding for the fact that Athletes improve based on their enthusiasm and hard work. No matter how ‘gifted’ an athlete is there are so many skills + physical and mental elements to work on - Improvement is can be continual. Endurance sports take years of developing into true potential- It can become a life time passion and medium for life skills outside sport. 

The state of Triathlon in Australia is extremely positive offering many levels whereby athletes can quantify success. The most significant measures are those that the athlete experiences personally/internally as a result of daily practice and more ultimately when major goals are achieved. The same can be said for sports such as endurance running and cycling.


I am looking forward to a hands on Coaching approach through a focused Junior Program & Club | Community program 

Read on for more information on both programs. To express interest please get in touch via details below. 

You can also chat with Jeff Collier for more information. | 0406 381 766


Endeavour | Enlightenment


Coach Brendan Murray

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May 2017

Athletes express your interest

Ages 10-25 

8 Sessions per week (See sample program) 

3 year process in developing athletes to an established level. Conditioning and skills for Triathlon

Personalised athlete support 


Seeking 10-15 athletes committed to improvement

Program preparationsMay 20 | 21 - Valuable for all Athletes setting bases for training | Valuable for those looking to trial for the Triathlon QLD Development Program  - See page for schedule


Coach Brendan Murray

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The program will track and educate athletes on how to improve their performance

Emphasis on attendance, endeavour and enjoyment 

Educational articles / periodicals highlighting training philosophy, physiology and psychology. Current events and training focuses

History of triathlon- Influences 

Cross training influences via sports such as - Trail running, cycle Racing, competitive swimming

Recognition of personal bests 

Recognition of behaviour in line with program values.

Testing, race outcomes

Personal development

Access and direction to TQ Development Program

The program may include guidance and mentoring from affiliated Coach’s, clubs and programs -Triathlon Australia mentor Coaches, Triathlon QLD Junior Development Program, local cycling clubs and Coaches







Program goals

To provide a frame work of coaching and training which grows the enjoyment and performance of Triathletes in the Tweed Valley region. 


Featuring shared communication with the Junior Program -  Educational articles / periodicals highlighting training philosophy, physiology and psychology. Current events and training focuses

Program Schedule

Start times | Full Program and Casual Session Costs | Locations > TBA 


Example Program


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Passion through skills - A fine attention to skill and motor development that allows athletes to understand their bodies and understand the sports skills as fun and play. 


Passion through endeavour - Learning the reward of hard work and overcoming challenges physically and mentally 


Passion for Triathlon - Enjoying the balance of disciplines and the thrill and invigoration unique to multi sport racing


Passion for Community, friends and family - Growing a strong relationship within club and community. A sense of belonging, pride and contribution 


Passion for personal growth - Organisation, discipline, and mental toughness 











Brendan Murray

Defining the individual journey | What Individual success means for each athlete



10 years experience in Coaching.

Running & Triathlon Coaching, Teaching and Community Event Development have come as a natural interest. 

I have sought after coaching and mentoring from experienced and highly accoladed individuals. 

A passion for both the physical science and mental aspects of performance enhancement. 

My learning is well developed but forever ongoing. 

I practice what I preach both through my Coaching vocation and individual pursuits as Triathlete & Endurance Running. 


One of my gifts is a strong sense of intuition and being able to apply that to coaching individuals 

This enables me to integrate training needs with understanding for each individual and how to bring the best out of them.

Programming Science Knowledge

Through my studies, self application and teaching I have developed a both strong theoretical understanding practical sense based approach to Exercise Science principals. Science is an excellent tool when implemented appropriately for the athletes progression. 


Mental preparation

This is where the artistry is.

Working towards a goal is a collaboration of skills applied consistently and the ability to venture out of the comfort zone. 

The attainment of a compelling goal is the best education an individual can get 

Shifts in physical performance are solely driven by the mental drive - Awareness and understanding 

The why behind the what is what moves us. 


More than just Triathlon

The best thing about Triathlon is that is a sport that builds life skills. 

I am very passionate about personal growth and integrity.

If your riding the bus with me then expect to practice and strengthen skills such as 




Time management 

Team work

Self belief 


Confidence in yourself as an individual 



Coaching endurance sports is a highly rewarding for the fact that Athletes improve based on their enthusiasm and hard work. No matter how ‘gifted’ an athlete is there are so many skills + physical and mental elements to work towards improving. Endurance sports take years of developing ability - It can become a life time passion and meduim for life skills outside sport. 

The state of Triathlon in Austrlalia is extreemly positive offering many levels whereby athletes can quantify sucess. The most significant measures are those that the athlete experiences personally/internally as a result of daily practice and more ultimatley when major goals are achieved. The same can be said for sports such as endurance running and cycling. 



Kenshō is an initial insight or awakening. Discipline applied to achieve daily enlightenment 

Satori, is a much greater“comprehension; understanding”. It is the ultimate enlightenment. Requiring significant poise, derailing of the common senses, complete heightened determination to achieve


Endeavour | Enlightenment

Empower Athletes to experience conditioning beyond the fear & demands of competition | themselves. 

Teaching a balance of discipline, courage & zen

Coaching Vision

To be a highly respected and sought after Triathlon Coach, community contributor. 

To produce and support world champion results.

Optimising mental & physical performance.  

To see an athlete experience daily realisation of their dreams (kensho) –  is a reward beyond measure for us as coaches. 

Our quest is to provide opportunity for athlete’s to take on a conditioning journey towards their ultimate endeavours - Enlightenment (Satori)  


ABN 52473033438 

Brendan John Murray 






Triathletes become pretty good at self-assessment. It comes with the territory of wanting to improve – fulfilling areas into truer potential.

With so many parts of triathlon it’s an exciting and endless process of improving. Managing where to start is an achievement in itself. We want to be able to focus on our training – Narrowing down a few elements to focus on without the overwhelm of ‘I’m not hitting this particular aspect’ etc. E.g. 'My volume on the bike is down and I'm not not doing those 1km run repeats, they were so good a few months ago'. 

Whats important is what your are doing and that it has a focus. We cant just stick to the same training stimulus all year round because its going to make you stale or just really good at going the same speed. The beauty of ending a season is that it allows us space to plan and push ourselves in new ways. 

A starting point is to identify where we are in our training / racing cycle and the elements of training we potentially attach at certain times – Keeping in mind every athletes cycle and age in the sport is individual – This is general

For simplicity I’m going to make the ‘Key race season’ Jan – March. There are a lot of options for racing so the timing of your season may be slightly different - Its good to be clear about when you are wanting to be really ‘on’, racing, then you can plan towards it and know where then end point of your campaign / reward is.

For the sake of this article Lets identify that our season is coming to an end and we want to a a fresh look at how to construct our way forward – which involves  new and exciting types of training in the ‘off season’

Improvements next season depend on the offseason approach to training. Its exciting, different and has fun elements but its hard work and consistency  that reaps next seasons PB's

Heres an example of a Triathletes road ahead in preparing for the season. 

April | Transition

 A couple of weeks of mental and physical reload

Assessment of season – Self discussion, discussion with coaches, reflection on achievements

Assessment on opportunities – Coaching, biomechanics / form, Movement, Addressing weaknesses in fitness range / ability – E.g. speed, power or endurance

Goals – Long term goals, KPI

Planning – Putting outcomes of assessment into an action plan


April | Preparation 

Introducing training. Performing some base line evaluations, trying on new concepts in training to get a feel for it – mental / physical approach and adaptation


May – June | Phase 1 Stimulus 

Bring a regime back into play – Look to attach accountability such as a coach and or events/testing in line with the new stimulus.

Focus on nailing the new stimulus and staying relaxed about intensity and volume of other sessions that have been more of a priority during a race prep or ‘in season’ phase.

As you adjust to the new stimulus say in weeks 5-8 you can start to bring other things back up a little as the body has adjusted OR press the new stimulus harder – Knowing you can come back to other things later – Keep a feel but not an obsessed focus.

Example below  - Note these examples are individual for one athlete - A discussion with your coach to establish the plan suited to your athletic stage and goals is a high priority - A focused plan with purpose will  mean something to you and your goals and therefore no dwindle into a 'great idea with no action' in a few weeks time when motivation wanes. 

New Stimulus

-       Bike – 3 quality sessions power based intervals and higher volume per ride

-       Strength work – 1 upper body & 1 lower body short but impacting (low rep 3-6)

-       Swim 1 x speed set – Intense short rep max effort - high recovery

-       Run 1 x Speed Set - Intense short rep 90% effort – Mod  recovery


The new bike sets and strength work are going to tax the nervous system and muscles meaning that the run might take a few weeks before an ideal set can be achieved.

In the first 3 weeks place priority on all bike and make the strength work count. Other wise you fall into the trap of always training the way you trained – Make sure your mentality available for these sessions.

 By having 1 quality swim 1 run session short and achievable it will start the experimentation to a 3rd & 4th new stimulus and allow adaption to begin. With these sessions being secondary don’t be a perfectionist by doing the following

-       Not trying the new session because your not ‘fresh’ or completely recovered. Be wise but accept that you will only get used to it by starting the process.

-       Accept that something quality is better than nothing – Start the process e.g. a start week one with a single fast rep – e.g. a 400m – use it as a test. Week 2  Progress to quality 5 x 200 – achievable but make it quality

Secondary stimulus.

-       Aerobic running – Add 1-2 Aerobic  runs 20-45 mins work on form and rhythm to keep the legs and aerobic system familiar to running. Fitness from other sessions should make these feel increasingly better but accept that 2-3 runs (1 quality) is enough to improve some skill  and maintain aerobic form but not make massive inroads at this stage.

-       Swimming – Keep a higher volume of swimming in mind as this is always the one to drop off. If intensity of other session remain moderate and then also drill aerobic recovery focus then you can keep a feel for the water and adaptations from fast sets but keep mechanics spot on. I believe its extremely destructive to let the swim go as it’s the most technical and apart from thinking swim specific it excellent to balance and recover the legs from any of the new/hard stimulus. Use Aerobic strength work in the pool to hold your feel from the fast work.

Recovery – Use swimming as recovery and adding bonis volume mentioned , keep up your mobility, core and flushing that allows you to keep pressing in the key sessions. Nutrition and sleep always 10/10.

July - Sept | Phase 2 Stimulus

Looking at the second half of this period its an opportunity to bring another discipline into major focus. You would be aiming to maintain some quality in the discipline you have progressed with in the first part of the preparation season. 

e.g. Now lets lift the run. Lets say you worked the bike in the first part with 3 quality sessions. You might hold this with 2 quality sessions - Potential slight volume reduction in one session. Then lift the runs making sure theres now 3 quality runs. 

Keep in mind that to some point we are playing the game of dissecting the sport of Triathlon which is SBR not S | B | R but don't fear the next  integration  phase will start to balance and integrate SBR in what is the first sniff of the new season. 

If you have always dissected then for you it might be an advantage to brick a lot of sessions together Get tough early. 

Oct- Dec Integration

As mentioned above we want to start to integrate the sessions more so we aren't necessarily doing SBR brick threshold sessions entirely but we may perform a swim/bike or bike run combo still utilising the ‘Skills’ / interval speeds aiming to hold this developed pace/power in the mix of combined sessions which may be longer or at least hold that extra mental level because its not singular focus. 

Racing here would be a huge advantage to knock some durability in the body and gain familiarity to intensity/ toughness/race preparation. Time out of it means high anxiety and we want to have the time to get comfortable by the time key races arrive.


Jan - March | Specific

Threshold efforts a plenty.  This is just a matter of practicing the game Swim Bike Run - Put the developed ability over the winter/spring into action. We know we are going faster and then putting the efforts down to prove it. So much of this is about really familiarising the mind with the duress of racing (specific skills such as course profile specifics and transitions) and boring out that engine thats been oiled, tuned. Ready for a huge combustion come prep races and key races we are feeling hugely capable. 

Your best season is only the product of hard work - Diligent planning / advice / effort. 

If you have any questions or want to discuss programming drop me a line.




Valuable for all Athletes setting bases for training | Programming 

Interested in joining Kensho Team Junior Elite Triathlon Program

Valuable for those looking to trial for the Triathlon QLD Development Program

The program will consist of the following events


SWIM 400m

RUN 1500m






Bike Skills TBA

Saturday  May 20

TRAC Murwillumbah 

6AM  Arrival | Check in 

615  Welcome | Overview | Swim Briefing |

630 Warm Ups |  Marshalling 

7AM - Swim Trials |  400m | Wave starts  | Swim down

745AM - Results | BREAK


8:15 AM - Easy ride to run location (6KM) | Brooks Rd | Ride run course

845AM -  Warm up run | Drills 

9:00 AM - 1500m Run trial | Wave starts

9:45 AM - Recovery ride return to pool 

10:15AM Recovery | Results | Briefing for Saturday


Sunday May 21

6AM - Arrival | Check in | Dulguigan Rd opp Urliup Rd

615AM - Welcome | Overview 

6:30AM Departure group ride TT course recon 10km

7:00AM Bike TT 10km - Shot gun starts non drafting ITT Individual Time Trial 

POST ride stationary trainer cool down 10 mins per rider. 

Results | Instructions for 3km TT  


10AM Meet at Bray Park Butchery Kyogle RD | Check in 

10:15 Briefing | Warm ups 

10:20 - Wave 1 Start 

10:35 Wave 2 Start 

Return to TRAC Murwillumbah 

11am | Swim Recovery 

11:30 Reflections | Program Discussion







RUN 1500m | BROOKS RD