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Junior Triathlon Development Team | Murwillumbah NSW



To see ones own nature. 

Endure and Endeavour until Enlightenment


Empower Athletes to experience conditioning beyond the fear & demands of competition and themselves. 

Teaching the art and science of training

Instilling the importance of balancing the rigors of training for sustained success


Coaching Vision

To provide opportunity for Athlete’s to take on a conditioning journey towards their ultimate endeavours

To help athletes experience daily self realisation of their greater capability

Kensho Team Athletes to impact on the world of endurance sports.

Personalised Service Disclaimer : Personalised services provided by Kensho Endurance are experience and education based delivered individually to the customer. Specialisation and advice is based on information provided by the customer. Results are action based and dependant of customer commitment and interaction with coach and program.

General Service Disclaimer : General services are developed to meet target group needs based on experience and education. Physical ability levels and sports specific advice can be generally advised by Kensho Endurance however customers with specific / preexisting conditions should seek clearance from Allied Health Professionals