Surprised, elated, enlightened. 

A few weeks later these few words are still my feelings about the race at Kingscliff.

In short - I took the AG win in 1:01 with only up shot youth ahead of my time. I raced in a wave across 30-39 and led that to the post after a couple of k in the bike. 

It felt like a pinch myself kind of day where the energy was pouring out of me and all I had to do was stay in focus - The stars lined up for me so to speak.

I had a quality swim, 3rd spot out of the water - As always taking a few hundred meters to move through towards the front. I’m not fast but I don’t slow down 😂

The bike was insane, my legs were certainly willing. This was a stark contrast from the day before feeling like a wet sandbag and all week my back pain was very prevalent.

It was easy to feel on fire as I screamed past the leaders. I forced down enough to imprint an impossible pace to hang on to. I feared only how I would run off the bike, instead of backing off I pressed harder with the goal to ride our of sight out of mind and give my self the best chance to hang on. 

I came off the bike a little clunky but as usual found my rhythm at 1500m.  ‘Just keep getting the right foot to the ground’. I was clipping as fast as I could go and just had to be disciplined enough to accept the pain (Which on this day felt ‘Easy’?) and concentrate on the task. It was good to be only under my own pressure. I approached the end of the board walk and assumed a left hand turn to the finish. Yet I was wrong…

Sitting right in a maximal out put I would have to run out the the end of the break wall and back which was 600 m, searing pain, a little run through hell (it was it heaven) getting the last bit out of me and making the the finish line feeling all the more rewarding. 

I mentioned my surprise about the result - in reflection of my bike power and run pace (even after adjustment as the course was a little short) was by far my best sprint performance - my mind for a while has been fighting the notion that I was washed up - unable to reach past levels of performance - life constraints and back pain making things a tougher task - but perhaps I had been overlooking things. A good friend of mine simply said ‘ You put the work in, so you get the result’ I guess my best endeavours, although always a shortfall in my mind is a decent effort. The lack of humidity paid into the flow massively - It’s said how heat training can have similar adaptations to altitude and I certainly felt clean winded today -Opposed to every other bloody muggy thick day where even easy work leaves you hagged.

So now I look forward with a positive notion of my self - I must hold onto this - I mustn’t let doubt trash my self esteem. I again dream of racing in some open categories and racing for more age group wins - I should back my self - Even on these bigger stages. The fear is high but my body and mind seem to rise to the occasion when I decide to toe the line. I truely know now that the fear simply lies in not living up to the standard of a day like this - Heightened focus / and it truely is experiencing a next level state of reality. When your back down on the round its hard to imagine how one might rise like this again - BUT theres good and bad days in sport. Putting yourself on a start line is the first step towards entering that realm.

I press on and encouragingly step up my game with harder goals on the table and the desire to win and win over me.