Recollection of power swim set - 5x100m swim  full noise on 4:00 cycle

Goal here is to go all out in an attempt to improve raw swim speed over 100m - We apply this for 4 weeks before moving into lactic threshold work.

24/5 - PB  total rep time by 17 seconds 

Heightened senses when we fully let go.


Rep 1 ... ferocious .. breathe or head down? ... pressure / power smooth strong first 50 noticing 1 less stroke to the wall... there’s the lactic, ignore, cadence, length. 20m to go rise above it - more effort but it feels better - non resistant - 2 sec  PB

Rep 2 - Can I repeat it? Acknowledges where the moments of tension will be and react/accept quicker - Makes the same PB time again

Rep 3 - Slightly shaky getting into the pool edge. Launches the dive. Force, power...Length relax, length relax. Exhale - where is the pressure on the water, catch, press. I try to go through the barrier at 75m not 80m this time. Repeats the PB time 

Rep 4 - Muscles slightly floppy and weak, adrenal high is washing away. I experiment being a little more relaxed upon entry - negative result - total rep slower by 1-2 seconds 

Rep 5 - Take it to the grave (again) 

Turns.. lactic pain in the legs - kick it out. Final push. Makes the PB time for the 4th time.