'Limits like fears are often just an illusion' - Michael Jordan

True words from the great man, but how can we move through/ past our perceived limits?

Setting compelling goals serves the purpose of 'forcing' us to grow. The challenge of 'Can I achieve 'X' requires us to look at whats involved to be in a conditioned state to do so. 

Starting with basic metrics is a good starting point - eg what is the pace per km to achieve that run time?

In starting any major goal or 'Project' as I like to call it, I start by putting it all down on paper. 

As per the image below

Goal in the middle - including some metrics/paces 

Negative stuff on the left - Behaviours and thinking 

Positive stuff on the right - Opportunities, thoughts and actions 

Its an opportunity for reset - Think of a wave crashing onto the shore and leaving the sand in that clean slate state as the water gets drawn back into the ocean. Thats what you can do with your mind and start fresh. 


Putting numbers down on paper and .. In theory grinding it out seems relatively straight forward but we face internal and external resistance that can be a real battle in finding flow and sense of achievement. 

Starting a new goal we need clear goals and a clear mind aware of perceived and real  limitations / challenges - From here we can create the clear pathway an be void / aware of our own excuses and opportunities. 

A few of the below are worth pondering 

  • Internal blocks / belief 
  • Relevant to your life - Things that can get in the way of your path
  • Emotions / values 

How to get and keep a clear path - Journey to get there 

  •  A plan
  • Short term Goals 
  • Process goals (Actions in the present moment that lead towards the outcome goals) 
  • Visualisation
  • Daily tasks that keep it all on track - body maintenance / preparation/ reflection
  • Getting the work done - There is no substitute for the physical action. 

Intuition is an important factor in all this - Acknowledging the truths and things that com up when we are in the flow are very important to note - Often giving us clues as to what we can do to improve - Be it technique or other things we sense in training that can be worked on or improved in future - Or right there and then! 

Ownership is also a very crucial acknowledgment - We cant pass the buck - Your journey your outcome.

Not getting the desired result  - Change it.

But also know where you have to accept where hard work is the resistance and getting through the uncomfortable points take some submission, trust and resilience. 

Below are some images of my walls at home - And I'm also back to the paper diary. 

Funnily enough this is a familiar sight to what I have always done until moving last year, so back in flow - Loves a good 'Project'

'What can I do? Can I prove it?

'Let me show you what I see with my eyes closed' - Kanye West