I’d been punching out most of my running in the Alphawoolf 2.0’s which are excellent for finding the right foot strike and feel but being a lightweight racing shoe they did leave the 6ft3 BFG a beat up when lengthening the runs out.

Looking to increase some milage I was chasing something with good feel still but just a frag more give.


The Omega’s arrived.

A sightly more robust shoe with really cool colour way , targeted as a light weight training and marathon racing shoe

I don’t mind getting a lot of general use out of these when I’m on my feet coaching as well.

But lets talk running

My first impression was shoe heaven. I was still enabled a firm feel even though I had a tad more shoe around me. The things are far from clunky with cruising weight of 285g. 8mm drop.

I’ve taken them up concrete paths where it cant be avoided and also over the hills in the bush.

Certainly suitable for all terrains if you are looking to cover some distance or get some easy aerobic K’s in on days that the legs need to be spared or saved from further beating.

I’ve worked these in pretty well now and I’ve still got nice flat surface on the forefoot.

The toe box is graciously wide. This set up really encourages the foot to spread which is good for keeping the foot muscles engaged in the process. This way you don’t see fatigue creeping into the ankle and lower limbs - Over time this gathers tension and overuse issues.

Check out DOWN UNDER RUNNER for more info.