Coach Brendan Murray

Defining the individual journey | What Individual success means for each athlete



10 years experience in Coaching ongoing. 

Running & Triathlon Coaching, Life Coaching, Teaching and Community Event Development 

I have sought after coaching and mentoring from experienced and highly accoladed individuals. 

A passion for both the physical science and mental aspects of performance enhancement. 

My learning is well developed but forever ongoing. 

I practice what I preach both through my Coaching vocation and individual pursuit in endurance sports, primarily Triathlon.



 I use a well developed intuition to enable a truely individual approach when coaching individuals

Whether it be a group, individual or online scenario, I am able to establish how to bring the best out of each athlete


Programming Science Knowledge

Through my studies, self application and teaching I have developed a both strong theoretical understanding practical sense based approach to Exercise Science principals. Science is an excellent tool when implemented appropriately for the athletes progression. 


Mental preparation

This is where the artistry is.

Working towards a goal is a collaboration of mental skills applied consistently and the ability to venture out of the comfort zone. 

Shifts in physical performance are solely driven by the mental drive - Awareness and understanding, the courage to apply them. 


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